Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
Electric Excavator Toy
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Electric Excavator Toy



Made of Eco-friendly plastic, safe, odorless, and harmless for kids to play with. 

The automatically repeated shoot-at-the-basket and fun musical lighting effects are very popular with children.

No child would refuse such a beautiful excavator toy.



Safe and Drop-resistant

The electric universal excavator is made of drop-resistant plastic, sturdy and durable.

The material of the toy car is safe, non-toxic, and odorless, so it can be safely used by children.

Funny Music and Lighting

The excavator toy is powered by 3 AA batteries and can last for hours. 

Turn on the button, and the excavator toy will flash colorful lights accompanied by music

so that children can relax and feel happy.

Automatically Shoot at the Basket

The arm and bucket can move freely like the real excavator,

and it will repeatedly shoot the ball at the basket and catch it again, giving much fun for children.

Universal Driving

The bottom of the excavator toy is equipped with universal wheels,

which will automatically change direction and continue to move forward when encountering obstacles.

The joy is never interrupted!

Educational and Fun

Electric universal excavators are of educational significance,

and children over the age of 3 are the time for their hands-on ability and sensory development.

It perfectly imitates the structure and working process of a real excavator.

Learning through play stimulates children's interest and curiosity.


Material: Plastic

Color: Yellow

Product Size: 245*100*135mm

Box Size: 255*100*148mm

Battery: 3* AA Battery (Not Included)

Package Includes: 1 * Electric Excavator Toy


Please allow slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement.

Due to the different monitor and light effects,

the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.


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